Suitable for passenger cars, trailer guide wheels or trailer positions. Suitable for highways, national highways, provincial highways and other good road surfaces.


1. New small contour design, lighter product weight, improve product competitiveness;

2. New pattern appearance design, and the use of new side panel arrangement, improve the overall appearance quality of the product;

3. New low heat and wear-resistant tread formula design, providing excellent high-speed performance and wear resistance;

4. Four longitudinal straight groove pattern design, effectively preventing lateral slippage, providing excellent control performance;

5. Pattern groove wall knurled and groove bottom water ripple angle design, effective anti-clipping stones, excellent self-cleaning performance;

6. Three-layer belt structure design, optimize tire grounding marks, wear more balanced, more resistant to partial wear.


specification Pattern Level Load index



Tire load (Kg) Imperial Load (LBS)


Air pressure (KPa)

Inch air pressure (PSI) Wide driving surface Pattern depth Standard rims Rims are allowed
12R22.5 BY700 12PR 143/141 M 2725/2575 6005/5675 620 90 226 15 9.00 8.25
16PR 150/147 M 3350/3075 7390/6780 830 120
18PR 152/149 L 3550/3250 7830/7160 930 135