Why do they say that explosion-proof tires are good?

2021/07/09 16:02
explosion-proof tires

What exactly are run-flat tires?

The run-flat tire is called "flat-flat tire", and the name "run-flat tire" is nothing more than the name of the manufacturer to promote this type of tire. If you want to say that the name is to deceive riders, then you need to know how many people do it for It's not an exaggeration to use its name willingly to take out the money from the tires to replace the run-flat tires. In fact, explosion-proof tires can help you continue to drive a certain speed for a certain distance in the case of flat tires or insufficient tire pressure, without the occurrence of "non-puncture."

What are the benefits of "run-flat tires"?

1. Good protection. In high-speed driving, a puncture is a situation that the driver is afraid to encounter. Therefore, you must be cautious in the choice of tires, but don’t say that if you have a "run-flat tire", it will not puncture. In fact, it will only make you It is not so dangerous when a tire bursts, because the instant transfer after a tire burst is likely to cause the vehicle to lose control, and because the wall of the flat tire is more supportive and tough than ordinary tires, the wheel hub can be used when the tire bursts. Combine with tires to support the vehicle and avoid too dangerous. Moreover, in general tires that encounter sudden punctures or air leaks, they can only rely on the contact of the wheel hub with the ground, without the support of the tire, because the general tire will leave the wheel hub without tire pressure.

2. Ability to "support" for a long time. Ordinary tires will release gas. Don't think about how long it will take for your tires to find a suitable position. Explosion-proof tires do not immediately deflate, because their tire structure is very different, so it can help you maintain a certain distance in the case of a flat tire. Even under the conditions of zero tire pressure and 80KM/h, some better run-flat tires can run for 3 hours. I believe that with such a long time and distance, even if the size of China is large, you should be able to find a repair shop.

3. More elastic than ordinary tires. Because run-flat tires use a structure that strengthens the sidewall, their durability is destined to be better than ordinary tires. Generally, the sidewall of an ordinary tire is composed of several layers of cord fabric. The sidewall is relatively thin. When driving, we can’t just drive on the road. Sometimes we will encounter potholes or steps. Even on the road, there will be stones, which are really small. Generally, it will not cause much damage to the tire, but once the sidewall of an ordinary tire collides, it is easy to bulge or rupture, all of which depend on the sidewall. Moreover, the sidewall of the tire is reinforced, so the usability of the tire is also strengthened virtually, making it more elastic than ordinary tires.