Is there any danger of a tyre not righting after parking?

2021/07/07 14:39
Is there any danger of a tyre not righting after parking?

I believe many friends have heard such a sentence: after parking, you must let the tire back, otherwise it will cause damage to the car. But many friends do not know why the parking tire to return to the right, do not return to the right will cause what damage to the car. Now to tell you why you have to return to the right tire parking.

Steering, tires, suspension will all be affected.

The first is the tire, as an object in direct contact with the ground, the tire bears all the weight of the vehicle. When the tire returns, the tread of the thick part of the tire contacts the ground, but if the direction is not returned, the stress point of the tire will become part of the tread and shoulder. The tire shoulder force for a long time will cause a lot of pressure on the side wall of the tire, and the tire wall is usually the fragile part of the tire. The unilateral tire wall pressure is too large, which will cause the tire deformation.

It is possible that a deformed wheel will not matter much at low speeds, but if the speed increases, a deformed tyre will become a bomb that explodes at any moment, posing a serious threat to driving safety.

The second affected is the steering system, if the steering wheel does not return when parking, the wheels will pull the steering lever can not return, at the same time the steering lever gear and rack are also under stress. As time goes on, these parts will age or deform at an accelerated rate. If it deforms, the car may go off track and the tires may be damaged.

The third is the automobile suspension system. In the case of the wheel righting, the force of the four suspension is relatively uniform, but when the steering wheel is not righting, the wheels of many models will appear inclination, and the force of the suspension will also change. However, the elastic pillar in the suspension, the rubber sleeve and some rubber shock cushions in the suspension system are in deformation state for a long time, which will lead to the damage and deformation of the suspension. After the suspension deformation, there will be a variety of problems, such as abnormal noise and more likely to roll over in extreme circumstances.

Generally speaking, when parking, it is necessary to put the tires back as far as possible, otherwise it will cause certain damage to the tires, steering system and suspension. But meet special circumstances also need to be flexible, such as parking in the slope of the road on the need to hit the tire in one direction, to avoid the vehicle sliding back.