How much influence does the choice of tire have on driving feeling?

2021/07/01 15:05
How much influence does the choice of tire have on driving feeling?

The phenomenon that tires affect the comfort of car driving

There is no doubt that the driving comfort of a vehicle is affected by many reasons. In addition to auto parts, it also includes the driver's own control habits, sitting posture, etc. But if you look at the tires alone, it is likely that the tires are not suitable or there are some problems:

1. Loud noise; abnormal noise in the car while driving is uncomfortable. This situation should be related to the condition of the car. No matter how good the sound insulation of the car is, the "tire noise" is more or less transmitted to the car. If you feel that the "tire noise" is too large at this time, you need to check whether there is any problem with the tires, or use silent tires to reduce the noise from the source.

2. The vibration is very strong; sometimes when encountering bumpy road conditions, the vibration is always too large, even on flat roads, there are fragmentary vibrations, which is very uncomfortable. Similarly, among other reasons, the tires should also be inappropriate, resulting in unstable driving.

3. The handling is not smooth; the discomfort that this brings to the driver is probably because the tires are not suitable for daily travel. When turning and accelerating, they will feel a little out of control, which is often called "floating" and so on.

4. Water skiing; in rainy days, especially heavy rain, the car will make the driver feel like sliding. This feeling is not only uncomfortable, it also makes people worry and fear losing control. At this time, you need to consider whether it is caused by the decreased drainage performance of the tires.

The influencing factors of tires on driving comfort.

If you pursue comfort in daily travel, you can learn more about the reasons why tires may affect tires. We will analyze the above phenomena:

1. As mentioned in the above uncomfortable driving phenomenon, tire noise cannot be completely avoided regardless of the size, but if it is not the tire that has a problem, it may be that the tire specifications are not suitable or the installation is wrong.

2. Strong shock

If you are driving under better road conditions and you feel that the car shakes a lot, eliminate the problem of the car itself. The larger cause should be related to the tires. For example, wide tires have a large friction area on the road surface, which increases the possibility of fragmentary vibration and is not discomfort.

3. Unsatisfactory control

If you feel that the car is handled as "flesh" and "uncontrolled" during driving, it should be related to the width of the tread from the perspective of the tire. According to the above flat ratio, if the tread is narrower , The grip will be slightly weaker, and then the ability to perceive the road surface is poor, and it will feel uncomfortable to manipulate in corners, potholes and other road conditions.

4. Wetland water slide

In the case of wet roads on rainy days, the phenomenon of water skiing is more special. "Water skiing" refers to the formation of a water film between the tread and the road surface. A large part of the reason is related to driving habits, especially if the driving speed is too fast, it is easy to get water. slip. At this time, don't step on the brake pedal or hit the steering wheel violently, just hold the steering wheel steady with both hands. In addition, the reason for the water slip may also be that the tire pattern is damaged and the drainage is reduced. If this happens or you often drive in wet ground, it is best to choose a tire that has excellent wet braking performance under the damaged state.