Safe maintenance of car tires

2021/06/30 17:04
Safe maintenance of car tires

The tire is one of the most important components on the car. Its function is to support the car body, buffer external impacts, complete the contact with the road surface and ensure the driving performance of the vehicle. Tires are often driven under complicated and harsh conditions. They bear various deformations, loads, forces, and high and low temperature effects during driving. Therefore, they must have high load-bearing performance, traction performance, and cushioning performance. It also needs to have high wear resistance and flex resistance, as well as low rolling resistance and heat build-up. It is related to travel safety. The tires are so critical, how do you complete the maintenance of the tires?

1. Regularly check the tire pressure

Tire pressure is a key factor affecting the life of automobile tires. It cannot be too high or too low. Inflation must be completed according to the tire pressure marked on the vehicle. Normally, the car manual contains a specific calibration value. In specific driving, everyone needs to adjust the tire pressure reasonably according to the natural environment.

2. Remove impurities from tires on time

When the tire is in contact with the road surface, it is easy to adhere foreign matter such as gravel on the tire, and remove it on time to prevent such residues from continuing to wear the tire when the vehicle is driving, which will cause the tire to burst, which is very dangerous.

3. Check the wear

Check the condition of the tires and spare tires, and check whether there is abnormal wear. Seriously worn tires have weak grip and are prone to slipping. The tire has a boss at a depth of 1.6 mm inside the pattern, which is a tire wear mark. When the tire wear exceeds the convex surface of this wear mark, it indicates that the tire needs to be replaced.