Specific advantages of tires

2021/06/29 17:33

One is long service life.

The tread has high strength and small circumferential deformation. Harder rubber can be used as the tread material, so it has good wear resistance. At the same time, the tire has a large ground contact area, a small unit ground pressure, uniform load distribution, and low ground slip. The tire travel distance is 50% longer than that of a bias tire.

The second is the low rolling resistance.

Save fuel. The number of layers of meridian cords is small, the friction between layers is small, and the rolling resistance is 25%-30% lower than that of diagonal tires. It can not only improve the power of the car, but also improve the economic benefits of fuel. In actual use, the fuel-saving rate can reach 6%-8%. As the speed increases, the fuel-saving effect is better.

The third is strong carrying capacity.

Radial tire cords are arranged radially, which can make full use of the cord strength and increase the load-carrying capacity of bias tires by up to 14%.

The fourth is good adhesion characteristics.

Due to the good elasticity of the tires, the large ground contact area, the less slippage of the tire surface and the good adhesion, it helps to improve the driving force of the car.

Fifth, good damping characteristics.

The radial carcass bias tires are soft, have good elasticity, and have good cushioning characteristics, which can improve the smoothness of the car, ride comfort, and increase the life of car parts.

Sixth, low tire temperature and fast heat dissipation.

The number of plies of radial tires is small, and there is no shear between the plies, so it has less friction than bias tires, faster heat dissipation, and low temperature rise, which helps to increase speed.