What aspects should be paid attention to in tire self-inspection?

2021/06/25 09:27
What aspects should be paid attention to in tire self-inspection?

Today we will teach you a few tips on self-checking tires.

Piercing: Have your car tires been pierced? If so, how long ago was it? In fact, for a car that has been repaired for a long time, even if there is no problem with it at present, its ability to withstand extreme loads will not be as good as before. In addition, if there are already more than 3 holes on the same tire, it is recommended that you replace the tire as soon as possible.

Bulge: When a vehicle passes through pits, obstacles and road edges at high speed, the tires will locally deform severely under the huge impact force, and the internal pressure will increase instantaneously. The direct result of this is the bulge of the tires. Tires that are already bulging must be replaced immediately, otherwise there will be a risk of puncture.

Pattern: Normally, the tires of a family car in normal use can be replaced every 60,000 kilometers or two years, but tires with severe pattern wear should be replaced in advance. Today's inspection shops have pattern wear scales, and car owners can buy one to check the pattern wear of their tires in time. In addition, increased tread cracks are also a sign of serious tire aging. Normally, car owners can spray some tire protection wax reasonably, and in addition, try not to press corrosive liquids when driving.

Air pressure: For front-wheel drive vehicles, the engine, gearbox and other important driving components are pressed at the front end, so the front tires sometimes look flat. If the visual inspection is not accurate, you must use a special tire pressure gauge to check whether the air pressure is normal.

Stones: Some car owners often hear their cars make noises when driving, but there is no system failure when driving. At this time, you need to check whether there are gravels stuck in the tire pattern. In fact, you only need to take the time to dig out the stone particles in the tread texture with a key.

Spare tire: If you want the spare tire to play a real emergency effect, you should usually pay attention to its maintenance. First of all, check the pressure of the spare tire from time to time; in addition, pay special attention to the oil erosion of the spare tire. The tire is a rubber product and should not be corroded by various oils. The tires will bulge soon after being tainted with oil, which will greatly reduce the service life of the tires. Finally, the life of the spare tire is around 4 years ago. Many car owners mistakenly believe that the spare tire is always new if it is not used. After 4 years, the spare tire must be replaced even if it has not been used once, or the spare tire will become a waste tire.