What are the functions of green tires?

2021/06/24 08:53
What are the functions of green tires

What are the functions of green tires:

First of all: it can ensure to reduce fuel consumption and reduce exhaust gas emissions.

Second: It can prevent vibration and reduce noise pollution to the environment.

Finally: It can replace the tires that need to be studded or chained for winter driving in some areas to prevent the tires from destroying the road and prevent dust.

How do tires ensure energy saving and environmental protection:

The vehicle will have resistance during driving, and the tire roll assist can account for 18% to 30% of the total assist. Therefore, reducing the tire roll assist can reduce fuel consumption by 3% to 3%. About 8%, and then achieve the purpose of reducing exhaust emissions and saving fuel.

Ways to reduce tire roll resistance:

First of all: reducing the weight of the tire, using a smaller component thickness for the inner material of the tire to achieve the same quality is the fastest and most effective way to reduce the tire roll resistance.

Secondly: to reduce the energy loss (hysteresis loss) of the tire material, the tire achieves a smaller hysteresis loss through the use of improved polyester cord varieties.

The above two methods both require manufacturers to control the production process and adopt better machines.