The side of the tire is the most vulnerable

2021/06/23 10:19
The side of the tire is the most vulnerable

Just like a human foot, a tire has a vital function. It not only has to bear a ton of load, but it also has to deal with complex road conditions. It is one of the main guarantees of safety, so it needs to be carefully taken care of, not only to check it frequently, but also to know how to replace it by itself in an emergency.

Special attention: the side of the tire is the most vulnerable

As far as tires are concerned, a puncture is the most serious safety risk. How to cause a puncture depends on the structure of the tire. It can be seen from the tire polishing diagram that the front of the tire is cross-bonded layer by layer of steel wire and rubber, which is relatively firm; the structure of the side of the tire is different from that of the front. Adhesion is just a thin line of adhesion, only a thicker steel wire is inside, which plays the function of supporting the tire.

Because of the special structure of the tire, if the side of the tire is damaged, it is not easy to repair, and in most cases, it can only be replaced with a new tire. If it will be repaired, it is very easy to cause a puncture when pressure is applied. Because the connection between the front and side of the tire is very thin, in most cases, the puncture is in this position. When the wheels are running at a high speed, the temperature will be too high, and the tire pressure will affect the temperature changes. The tire pressure is insufficient and the speed is fast, causing the temperature to be too high, and it is very easy to blow the tire.

Tell everyone a few ways to use tires:

1. Inspect the tires. If the puncture is on the side of the tire and the degree is serious and cannot be repaired, you need to change a new tire.

2. You cannot change the size of the tires at will, so you should choose a tire that matches your own car.