How often is the best time to replace the tires?

2021/06/22 09:04
How often is the best time to replace the tires

I believe many people know that car tires will slowly age after running for a period of time. As the driving distance increases, the tire groove shape becomes shallower, the grip is weakened, the braking distance increases, and safety decreases. In addition, when the tread is flat, the inner tube of the tire decreases, which not only increases the braking distance, but also increases the braking resistance. If the tread is uneven, it will cause idling, increase driving resistance, and naturally increase fuel consumption, so it is very important to replace the fetus in time.

How long is the tire replacement cycle? Usually the auto repair shop will tell you that the tires should be replaced in about three years. In fact, if there are no such problems in normal driving, there will be no problems in five years. However, the time period for tire replacement is related to many factors and must be specifically analyzed:

1. Vehicle operating frequency

For family cars, except for occasional work and weekend outings, they are rarely used, and the tire replacement time period can be extended appropriately and replaced every five years.

For commercial vehicles, if you often go out for driving, you must shorten the tire replacement period, usually about 4 years.

2. The use environment is also related.

For example, a car is parked outdoors for a long time in the sun, often in wind and rain, and tires are aging quickly. If the car is often driven in saline-alkali land, the salt-alkali corrosion of the tires will be more serious, so the cycle of replacing tires should be shortened. The tires are usually replaced in about three years.

3. Driver's driving habits

Some drivers are used to accelerating or braking quickly while driving, and some drivers will step on the accelerator on the spot, and the tires will emit black smoke on the spot. These bad habits are harmful to the tires. The tire change cycle should be shortened accordingly. If you play drifting, the tires will burn more severely, and you need to replace the tires in less than a year.

If there are the following situations, even if it hasn't been a year, it should be replaced in time.

1. Bulge 2. Cracks 3. In a short period of time, tires have been punctured continuously, repaired or punctured by larger hard objects.

These types of tires have the possibility of puncturing at any time. If the tires suddenly puncture, it is very dangerous and must be replaced immediately.