What is wheel balance?

2021/06/21 11:45

What is wheel balance?

By adding counterweight to correct the tire and stick a balance weight on the edge of the wheel hub, we call it wheel dynamic balance.

When performing dynamic balancing, a dynamic balancer will be used to display the data. The larger the value, the more unbalanced the wheel. When the value is 0, it means that the wheel has reached the best dynamic balance.

Why do dynamic balances?

The wheel is composed of tires and rims, but due to various reasons, the mass distribution of the entire part cannot be very uniform. When driving at high speed, the centrifugal force is unbalanced, which endangers driving safety.

When is dynamic balancing performed?

1. Change the tire status, such as replacing a new tire, or patching the tire when repairing a tire;

2. Change the status of the rim, such as replacing the rim with a new one, or the rim is knocked out of shape;

3. The relative position of the tire and the rim has changed, such as when changing a tire, repairing a tire, changing a tire or adding a tire pressure monitor, the tire must be removed and reinstalled, but the position has changed;

4. The original balance weight falls off;

5. Due to other comprehensive reasons, the original dynamic balance fails, and the wheels shake when driving at high speed;