What kind of tire pattern is right for you?

2021/06/17 15:31

Tires are the core to ensure the safe operation of vehicles. Many people are unique in buying a car, but they don’t know how to choose suitable tires. In fact, it’s easy to choose a tire. You can see which one is your choice by looking at the pattern.

The tire pattern affects the characteristics of the tire. There are several types of patterns that are more common on the market today: symmetrical/asymmetrical patterns, and horizontal/longitudinal patterns. Among them, the symmetrical pattern mainly focuses on quiet and comfortable performance, and the asymmetrical pattern is the sporty characteristic; the transverse pattern improves the braking characteristics of the tire, and the longitudinal pattern helps the tire to reduce noise, drag, heat and drain.

Everyone has understood that the asymmetrical pattern can improve the sporty characteristics of the tire, increase the contact area between the tire and the road surface, and improve its grip. The asymmetrical pattern design is selected, which greatly improves the cornering rigidity of the tread, enabling the tires to grip the ground stronger and more resistant to wear.

In addition to the delicate design of the pattern, the tread pattern stiffness analysis technology is also used to improve the rapid response characteristics of the tread. The cap layer is made of high-rigidity aramid material for multiple windings, so that the rear tire will not It will skid, especially the improved bead design can also reduce the risk of tire laps, and further enhance the tire's sports characteristics, allowing the driver to control the tires flexibly, making quick turns more stable.

The transverse pattern can increase the transverse rigidity of the tire, increase the friction force, and enhance the braking function of the tire. The 3D bionic blade coupling groove design increases the tire’s ground contact area. The sharp pattern groove allows the tire to pierce the water film instantly when driving over the watery road, improving the tire’s wet grip and presenting a quick and stable wet start and control. Dynamic characteristics.

The characteristics of the tires are not only affected by the pattern type, but also change due to the order of the pattern blocks. According to the improvement of the pattern spacing and the chaotic arrangement of multiple rows, the tire noise can be effectively reduced, and in addition to achieving maneuverability and grip, it can also keep the cabin environment quiet and comfortable.

There are many types of tire patterns, but they all have a clear division of labor. The combination of different types of patterns can make up for the lack of tire characteristics to a certain extent. When choosing a tire, recognize the pattern on the tire and choose the one that is suitable for you to ensure that the tire can conform to your driving habits.