How to choose the right car tires?

2021/06/17 15:09
How to choose the right car tires

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and the importance of tires to the vehicle is obvious. Choosing good tires will enhance driving maneuverability and improve riding comfort to a certain extent. But in fact, the choice of tires is also said, and many riders do not understand this common sense, resulting in the process of buying tires will only be generalized and even be severely "slaughtered." Therefore, now I will give you a brief explanation of some small knowledge about tires.

Just as vehicles have grade classification standards, tires also have consistent quality grading mandatory standards. And this mandatory standard for quality grading is called the 3T index value.

The 3T index value includes the tire wear resistance index value (TREADWEAR), traction characteristics (TRACTION) and temperature index value (TEMPERATURE). For example, in terms of traction characteristics, it can use four levels of AA, A, B, and C to distinguish the traction characteristics of the tires. If the traction characteristic is AA grade, it means that the tire has strong grip. On the other hand, if the traction characteristic is C grade, the grip is extremely weak. For example, the tire temperature index value is evaluated by three grades of A, B, and C, and the temperature index value is A. Grade indicates that the tire has excellent high temperature resistance, while a temperature index value of C indicates that the tire has poor high temperature resistance.

Unlike the other two index values, the wear resistance index value of tires is not as high as possible. If the tires have a high level of wear resistance, the comfort of driving the car will be greatly reduced. Because the wear-resistant tires will be harder and the cushioning performance of the tires is not very outstanding. Under normal circumstances, especially for family cars, it is more appropriate to choose a tire wear resistance index value of 280-320.