How often do car tires need to be replaced?

2021/06/17 14:26

In fact, every driver in the process of buying a car or a garage, the maintenance staff will provide some suggestions. Especially for the suggestion that the tire components should be replaced on time, then, how often should the tires be replaced? In fact, there is no fixed time limit for the frequency and time of tire replacement. Instead, it depends on the actual usage of the tire. Generally, you can observe whether the damaged mark is exposed, how long the manufacturing date is, and how far the mileage is. And whether the tire has experienced damage and other aspects to be measured.

How often should the tires be replaced? Damage identification of side tires is very important

At the beginning of the design of the tire, there is an identification mark for its replacement cycle. Therefore, there is a simple and convenient way to easily identify whether a tire is to be replaced, and that is to observe the damage indicator of the tire.

When looking at the tire, it is very easy to see that there are raised squares in the pattern grooves, which are the tire wear indicators. If you can see a small spot on the raised square, it means that the tire does not need to be replaced; if the small spot is no longer found, it means that the depth of the tread groove is less than 1.6 mm, and you must consider replacing it; Even the raised squares are not found, which means that the tread depth is far below 1.6 mm. Be sure to replace the tires immediately, otherwise there is a serious safety risk.

How often should the tires be replaced? Keep in mind the best use time limit

The general auto shop will let you replace the tires in about three years, but there are also car repair shop personnel who indicate that the replacement will be fine within five years. This is because everyone's driving style, mileage, and road conditions are different, so the degree of damage to the tires is different, so the replacement cycle also changes. However, because tires are made of rubber, and rubber products will inevitably age, it is recommended that tires be replaced within five years from the date of manufacture.

How often should the tires be replaced? Judge tire life by mileage

The longer the mileage of the vehicle, the greater the tire wear and the shorter the time to replace the tire. This is easier to understand. Under normal driving conditions, the service life of tires is between 40,000 and 60,000 kilometers, and they must be replaced if they exceed them. But this is also measured on a smooth paved road. If the vehicle is driving on rugged mountain roads or bad terrain for a long time, then it is necessary to consider replacing the tires within a shorter mileage. However, in daily life, it is difficult to ensure that the vehicle travels such a long distance on the same road condition, so the actual situation still depends on the actual damage of the tires.

How often should the tires be replaced? Tire damage affects replacement time

If the tires are damaged, the tire replacement time can no longer be judged based on the above statement. Instead, the tires can be flexibly changed according to the degree of tire damage. If the tire tread, shoulder, sidewall, etc. are scratched, bulged, cracked, deformed, or pierced into steel nails, it needs to be replaced on time. Otherwise, it is very easy for the tire to blow out and cause road traffic accidents. Drivers pose a risk.