The difference between wide tires and narrow tires

2021/06/11 14:15

Tires have long been an area of concern to many drivers. Nowadays, many drivers are gradually discussing the width of the tire. The width of the tire refers to the total width of the tire tread.

The difference between wide and narrow tires

Suitable car models are different: wide tires are usually used for high and mid-range car models, while narrow tires are more commonly used for normal car models.

Suitable wheels are different: wide tires are installed on large wheels, while narrow tires are usually installed on small wheels.

The sidewall height is different: narrow tires are thicker, while wide tires are relatively thinner.

The price is different: wide tires are more expensive than narrow tires.

Compared with narrow wheels, wide cars have more treads, more contact area with the road, and more friction, so the grip will be stronger, but the fuel consumption and tire noise will be more;

Relatively speaking, narrow wheels are more economical and practical than wide wheels, and the price is relatively more cost-effective. Because of the small ground contact area, the friction is smaller, and the vehicle speed-up function will be better, resulting in less tire noise, and driving It's lighter and more fuel-efficient. However, the grip of the narrow wheels is slightly weaker, and it is not as good as the wide tires in terms of braking function and maneuverability.

Widened tires do more harm than good to the car

Under normal circumstances, the widening of the tires will make the chassis appear lower, and the overall grade of the vehicle will be improved. Many drivers will transform the original narrow wheels into wide wheels. However, tire widening will have a certain impact on the vehicle. While tire widening improves maneuverability and grip, it also increases resistance and fuel consumption to a certain extent, which will make the orientation heavier and improve steering. radius.

In addition, the widening of the tires requires an increase in the size of the wheel hub, which is an illegal modification, which cannot pass the annual review. Therefore, many factors need to be considered for tire widening, and it is recommended to make reasonable modifications after weighing the pros and cons.