How to choose tires

2021/05/31 10:18
How to choose tires

At first glance, the tires are inconspicuous. The black rubber ring looks different, but the real selection is exquisite. Getting the right tyre is not easy. How should I choose?

When selecting a tyre, the first thing to learn to see the tyre specifications, such as 235/55R20, representing the section width of the tyre is 235mm, the flat rate is 55%, the structure is a radial tyre, the rim diameter is 20 inches, in general, as far as possible to select the same tyre specifications and models as the old tyre.

Second, you should learn to see the date of the factory. After the DOT mark on the tire side, there will be a string of alphanumeric letters. The first two digits are the number of weeks of manufacturing, and the last two digits are the year of manufacturing.

Finally, we should pay special attention to the tire grain. The change of grain design will affect the characteristic performance of the tire. Therefore, different grain can strengthen the characteristic ability of the tire specifically?

Nowadays, many young people buy cars in pursuit of the sense of control. Good control means that no matter what the driver does, the vehicle can achieve the same as the driver's expectation, which has strict requirements on the tire. In order to improve the handling of the tire, the tyre is designed with asymmetric grain. Different from the symmetrical grain, the asymmetric design increases the contact area between the tire and the road surface and improves the grip, so the motion characteristics of the asymmetric grain are relatively more prominent.

In addition, this type of tire also adopts high stiffness aramide material to carry out multiple tightening and winding on the crown layer, which can prevent the crown from protruding and improve the sideslip resistance of the rear tire when turning at high speed. Moreover, it has a specially strengthened bead design, which can reduce the risk of the sideslip caused by the side force, so that the sense of handling and the safety factor are significantly enhanced.

Many drivers will check the weather conditions in advance before going out to prevent extreme weather, but if it is suddenly in the middle of the storm, we have only a hard head forward, but with the assistance of asymmetric grain tyres, no matter how large the rain can not stop us from moving forward. On the tread pattern of this tire, 3D bionic blade coupling groove is designed, which can instantly Pierce the water film between the tire and the pavement water, and increase the contact between the tread and the road, further strengthen the grip of the wetland, so that the wetland braking and starting can be more stable, brave the wind and waves in the storm, and move forward bravely.

The tire pattern design, will not only affect the vehicle control, grasp the ground and brake, but also affect the size of the tire noise. After the above understanding of Jiatong tires, we all understand the importance of tire pattern. In the selection of tyres, from the specifications, delivery date and grain design, I believe that small white tyres can also choose the right own high quality tyres!