Is tire brightener harmful to tires?

2021/05/28 22:53
Is tire brightener harmful to tires?

Smooth and shiny tires are always pleasing to the eye. Therefore, many car owners regularly apply tire polish to their vehicles, or ask the staff to help apply some tire polish when washing the car in an auto beauty shop. However, there are opinions on the Internet that tire brightener is harmful to tires and shortens the service life of tires. In fact, whether the tire brightener damages the tires depends on the composition of the tire brightener.

Car tires are generally made of rubber vulcanization. As one of the worst components in the car's working environment, the tires often have to withstand impact and temperature changes, and will age and crack in the long run, and ultimately cannot be used. A better tire brightener can form a protective film on the surface of the tire. Although it cannot last for a long time, it can probably protect the tire and increase the life of the tire.

However, ordinary or poor tire brighteners will not cause damage to the tires, because the tire rubber will have higher corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance after vulcanization, and it is difficult for tire brighteners to cause very serious damage to the tires. damage.

Therefore, car owners do not need to worry about tire brighteners causing damage to the tires. The brighteners are not powerful and the tires are not weak. In addition, proper cleaning of the tires and the use of tire brighteners can also increase the service life of the tires, but it is best to choose a better tire brightener. If you don't want to use tire brightener, you can wash the tires with moderate water. By the way, buckle the tires with small stones to protect the tires to a certain extent.