To What Extent Do Motor Tires Wear Out and Need to Be Replaced

2021/05/25 17:07
To What Extent Do Motor Tires Wear Out and Need to Be Replaced

Many friends like to look up the car in person, but sometimes suffer from lack of experience so do not know how to start. And it is not difficult to self-test tires, the purpose of testing is very clear, to grasp the status quo of your car tires, to judge whether it needs to be replaced.

Here's a simple tire self-check. The secret of self-inspection is to force a simple self-inspection method introduction, even if the owner can not replace or repair themselves, but also faster to understand the vehicle information, at any time can not accept professional inspection, their own inspection to judge the method of small problems of the vehicle.

Case 1: Severe aging.

The tread pattern is observed in the tread and tire wall. If there is a large range of cracks, the tire has been seriously aged. At this time even if the mileage is not long or use time is not short, still need to be replaced in time. On the contrary, due to the decrease of tire wall strength of aging tire, the tire burst risk is likely to occur at high speed due to the increase of temperature.

Case 2: Serious wear and tear.

Each tyre tread groove is marked with a wear limit of approximately 2mm(1.6mm) thickness. Professional tire shops suggest that when the tire thickness is worn to two limit mark heights (3.2 mm) from the limit mark, it should be checked regularly and replaced if possible.

Case 3: Bale lifting deformation. A deformed tyre is very dangerous. If you find deformation, it is best to go to a professional repair shop as soon as possible. Replacement of tyres is generally recommended. Such conditions indicate that a metal coil inside the tire has deformed or broken, and there is a high risk of a flat tire if you continue driving.

Case 4: Frequent tire repair

About the tire is tied, many friends are not too concerned about, roadside repair shop 20, 30 dollars can be repaired. But if the same tire is punctured many times, can it be repaired often? According to experts, one or two tire supplement will not affect the use of tires, but after more than three times, for the sake of safety, it is recommended to replace tires. Because the temperature inside the tyres rises at high speeds, damage to the tyres is compensated for, but still increases the chance of danger. In the answer of the article, the friend doubts why to add 3 times, why not 2, 4, 5 times, is there a dogma here must point out that 3 times is only a reference value. For tires, repair is bound to be a way of mending it too late. As long as it is repaired, there will be safety risks. Ideally, the tire should be replaced with a new tire when it is damaged, and the tire manufacturer is also required. However, after all, tires are not cheap, taking into account the price factor, in real life, the tire is really very few people, but in terms of safety tires are not suitable for frequent repair.

Therefore, professionals introduce one or two small repairs with frequent inspection, which can cope with daily use, but frequent tire repair is more dangerous. So how many times is this too much too frequently? In order to facilitate consumer memory, professionals suggest that we do not repair more than three times.